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Trick or treat

Halloween is a fun "Trick or treat", but this practice did not originate from Ireland, but the year began in the ninth century Christian Europe. At the time, November 2, by Christians as the "ALL SOULS DAY" (All Souls Day). On this day, the faithful travel to the countryside-the-way place, stay in the village of door-to-door begging raisins with flour and made into a "soul cake." It is said that the family donated pastries monks believe that the Church's prayer, God's been looking forward to this, so that their loved ones died as soon as possible to enter heaven. This tradition spread to house-to-house begging has evolved into today's kids to a pumpkin lantern house-to-house review of the game. When he met dressed as children like to have the issue of size-fits-all "Please do not eat will be trouble (Trick or Treat)," the threat, and the owner of a natural not neglect busy Yeung said, "Please eat! Please eat ! "At the same time, candy kids carry into the big pocket. There is also a custom, that is, each should be in every pumpkin I put a lot of lights, if not invited to eat (not to the sugar), the kids step on him a rotten pumpkin lights.