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Empty pumpkin carving masks do

There are empty when the lantern pumpkin carving story. This is derived from ancient Ireland. The story is that a person named JACK is a drunkard and a mischievous love. JACK day to the devil to deceive on the tree, then carved in the tree stump on a cross, he did not dare to intimidate the devil down, and then pledge JACK with demons, the devil agreed to let the light so that JACK conditions will never be a crime under his tree. JACK's death, the soul is neither heaven nor hell, and he had no choice but to rely on the soul of a small candle in his follow guidelines between heaven and earth.
In the ancient Irish legend, which is the root of small candles in a hollowing out of the carrot placed in, called "JACK LANTERNS", and the evolution of ancient radish to light today, it is to do the pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern the . It is said that the Irish people in the United States soon found that regardless of pumpkin carving is from the source and edge than the carrot, the pumpkin on the Halloween has become a pet.