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Children's favorite holiday

Halloween is a fun children a good time to indulge. The eyes of its children, is a festival full of mystery. As night fell, the children could not wait to put on makeup colorful costumes, wearing strange masks, put on a "jack light". "Jack Light" looks very lovely it is to be hollowed out pumpkin, carved out of the eyes and smiling mouth, and then plug in the melon in a candle, lit it, it is very far away we can see the smiling faces of this.
Ready to clean up after, groups of children dressed as ghosts mobile "Jack Light," a neighbor ran to the door and threatened to like shouting: "It is mischievous to the hospitality," "money or to eat." If adults do not have candy, coins in honor of them, those naughty children on the word: Yes, you do not honor, I will tease you. Sometimes they painted the door handles other people's soap, and sometimes the others painted the color of the cat. These small adults often ridiculous prank. Of course, most people are very happy to honor these innocent little guests. Halloween so children always have full bellies full of Cypriots, pockets packed full.
Halloween the most popular game is "bite of Apple." Game, people let Apple floating in a basin filled with water, and then let the kids do not hand in his mouth under the conditions of the apple, first bite, who is the winner.