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"Halloween" the emergence of the term

Many nations are there in celebration of Halloween party, so this day was called "All Hallow E'en", "The Eve of All Hallows", "Hallow e'en", or "The eve of All Saintas'Day". Convention eventually evolved into "Halloween", the Chinese translation has become a Halloween night.
In Western countries, the annual October 31, a "Halloween", Dictionary as "The eve of All Saints'Day", English translation: "Halloween Night." Halloween is a traditional festival in Western countries. This night is one the most "haunted" night, and they are also called "Halloween." With regard to the origin of Halloween there are many versions of the legend, the most common view, that was before the birth of Christ from the ancient Western European countries, including Ireland, Scotland and Wales. That several of the ancient people of Western Europe were called Druids. Druids in the New Year on November 1, New Year's Eve, young people who set Druids team, wearing all kinds of strange mask, carrying a carved radish good light (the late Department of pumpkin lights customs, the ancient Western Europe Pumpkin is not the first), they walk between the villages. This was actually a kind of harvest celebration; also said to be "Halloween" story was dead, the soul will be the eve of Halloween, visit the world, it is said people should be allowed to visit to see the ghost and the ghost of a successful harvest of a abundant hospitality. All the fire and lights, to scare away the ghost of one, as well as the ghost of light line, to guide its return.