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The Legend of Halloween

Halloween is the "Halloween" means. Today, Halloween has become one of the most popular and one of the most popular festivals, and many players with great enthusiasm to celebrate this holiday.
Halloween in the October 31, in fact, the autumn festival is the praise, just like the Beltane Festival is a festival of praise, like the spring. Ancient Gaul, the British and Irish priest - druid to have a praise of the grand festival of the autumn, from October 31 midnight until the next day continued to November 1 whole day. In their view, the greatest night of their death - Samangan people will die that year summoned the ghost of all, the evil to be born a domestic animal care punished. Of course, as long as the thought of such a gathering of ghosts, it was enough to make those simple-minded understanding obscurant gall heart of the war. So they lit the fire into the sky, and close surveillance of these evil.
Halloween witches and ghosts everywhere that is just the beginning. So far in Europe there are some isolated areas who believe that this is true.
Today in Europe as a whole, as people enjoy their Halloween,and a good opportunity to scare each other. People no longer just used to praise this Autumn Festival, but it will turn into a real "rave." Halloween face make-up and is one of the traditional program.