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Halloween Parade

October 31 each year, out of the West, Halloween ghosts, said to its origin can be traced back to the fifth century BC, when the Celts living in Ireland (Celtic) these days as the end of the summer, but also a symbol of the year the end, they believe that at the turn of the old and the new-year-old on the eve of the law all the time and space will be temporarily halted, the spirit world in this evening to open the door so that all the ghost took the opportunity to walk in the world, to shop around for a suitable substitute, to take this opportunity to be reborn . Therefore, in order to avoid becoming the ghost of Celtic's goals for the night of the fire put out at home to put on a no one at home, at the same time, wear a terrible hideous masks, and dress up like ghosts walk the streets with parades, create a noisy hubbub atmosphere in order to drive those.
Gradually, these traditional practices has evolved into today's celebration of young people, we enjoy in this evening disguised themselves, acted as a happy holiday.
New York City, particularly in the Halloween parade held at night, so that a group of vampires, zombies, witches, Frankenstein, etc. coming together, also welcomed the public who wish to join, will be those who are not limited to age, sex, regardless of class, nationality, even if you are coward, but also join them to a ghost of people bustling carnival.
In fact, these ghosts are people playing, so not horrible, but some more lovely small grimace, which is outside, as big as Un ballo in maschera.
Dressed in a variety of roles to group the Witch and the Xinjiang body to play the most, and those who shop supplies Monopoly Halloween special preparation for the sale of such clothing in order to meet public needs; At the same time, each year more manufacturers will be the odds-year figures, including the mask and clothing market, so that more people into this Western craze in traditional festivals, such as Harry Potter in the film form of small witches, many children will have been selected to play the role of .
Greenwich Village Halloween Parade z Greenwich Village Halloween Parade { began in 1973, by a mask and puppet craftsman Mr Ralph Lee launched an actor, he said to the first child with friends and neighbors together in a procession, then gradually evolved into a whole Village of large-scale activities, and of course the activities of large-scale puppets, at the same time, the purpose of the tour hope that every participant rather than spectator, so even if people only want to watch with the mentality, when you enter the village soon will be invited to participate in tour and become part of their.
New York City Halloween parade every year attract thousands of tourists and New York, and the parade in Greenwich Village z Greenwich Village { held, the team of about 7 o'clock at night on Sixth Avenue from Spring Street and z 6th Avenue & Spring Street { started the procession to the twenty-third Street has been z 6th Avenue & 23rd Street { far, the whole is probably more than an hour.
Whether it is from Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East as well as visitors, can be dressed as their variety of characters, can also bring along a simple musical instruments, the unique real-time playing local music, the fusion without Borders endemic culture. Perhaps I had never participated in Halloween activities, and they are not such a wonderful parade, so I find it refreshing.
As early as October, the Manhattan City has begun to "haunted", and in the busy streets, has been hanging around to see the ghosts from Halloween decorations, many department stores are also busy festive gifts and clothing piled in the window to attract a lot of passers-by stop watch, and has an array of supermarkets and markets selling pumpkins of all sizes for the public to buy their homes or making home layout used pumpkin lights, of course, why, there are housewives for cooking pumpkin dishes or cakes completely in accordance with adequate traditional festivals.
Near my house, many neighbors and in particular to arrangements for the festive home, the pumpkin has a face painted, wrote a humorous tombstone the words, linked to the skull bones in the trees, flew to the roof of the fat witch, as well as extending from the mailbox the green machines, but some neighbors to decorate their garden into a cemetery before, as a result of these places at night, particularly ghastly and horrifying, some people outside the house covered in spider's web, like the long-abandoned, short of the form colors, the ghosts of Halloween to every corner of the color.
Even if New Yorkers choose to stay at home this evening, but also can feel the atmosphere of the West Halloween, as it will be television and radio stations to launch the Halloween special programs, and in the cyber world, in addition to the physical form of card-style non-stop Wansheng sent, many large sites have been early in the morning to prepare the arrival of this festival, especially the web page in a new form, or the design of new games, waiting for more people into the network area.
In addition to adults Halloween festival favorite, the kids also look forward to the arrival date. In this night, some mug ghosts wear clothes to the children will be made with pumpkin lanterns, carved pumpkin outside the blind eyes and big mouth, revealing little candlelight inside, like when we made the Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns grapefruit very similar. This little devil would play "Trick or treat" (not to be mischievous sugar) This traditional prank, go to the next door review, if it did not give them a candy, naughty little devil will hang out and that the more ominous words, there is no person will be prepared to go out some candy and let the children leave happy.
It is said that this custom was to appease those people ghost, so in advance in front of the food on their own, in honor of the ghost to be, we will leave quietly, and now, this superstition color has disappeared, but also knock on the door to become the children of sugar activities, so that both adults and children can take part in festivals, their own fun.
Remember, I attended a Halloween parade, I went to Wendy and students together, and then the car through the streets, there are several little black dress approached our car, their faces painted some fluorescent pigment, Meng not Anti-they approached the window, but also close to the glass mug to me, immediately I was shocked, cried more, the students see my face, do not laugh together almost mouth, Yan-yee, said the parade is more evil Ghost fails me but it made me panic-stricken children. I was also really want to apply thick layer of thick clothing or disguised dependent, so to avoid their eyes.