Gift Manufacturers

The production of pumpkin lights

In the pumpkin top / bottom surface with a knife to remove a piece of melon, who puts his hand in order to emptied. Formation cross-section as possible.
Hollowed out, hit a thin
With a special spoon or spoon can be daily, will be out seeds and carefully to. Are you ready for carving the selected areas will be a thin piece of scratch to 1 inch thick.
Paste paper mask
Selected, the glue or paper prepared for fixing face. When using the pushpin, pay attention to nails in the face of the dotted line, the emergence of such a surface can be avoided melon.
Engraved along the imaginary line drawing
Paper mask along the edge of the dotted line, with a small cone or pushpin delineate in the face on the pumpkin skin. After the completion of paper torn off the mask.
Views effect
Finally, point-to-point with a small awl to re-amend something. Picasso had a hard act to follow!