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Do you believe in ghosts?

The Associated Press and Ipsos survey carried out in a pre-Halloween poll shows that 34% of the respondents said they believed ghosts.
Otherwise the same proportion of people believe that the existence of UFO. In addition, the survey shows that 19% of respondents believe that the existence of the world's "magic.
48% of people believe that "super-aware" (referring to super-sensory perception) exists.
23% of the respondents said they have seen ghosts, including single people, Catholics and has never taken part in the ceremony of worship were "Sees Ghosts" and the greatest chance of.
30% of respondents said they feel in the room woke up strange things.
14% of the respondents (most of them men and low-income people) said they have seen UFO.
One-fifth of their somewhat superstitious person, in which young men, minorities and less educated people, especially. 26% of urban residents believe that their superstitions; single men than single women are more superstitious, the respective proportions of 31% and 17% respectively.
Investigation revealed that the "best of luck Clover found" most of the people, accounting for 17% of respondents. 13% of people think that the following will take the difficulties of late in the ladder or the bride and groom before the wedding to meet in an inauspicious. Otherwise a small number of respondents considered that the black cat, broken mirror, umbrella in the house, "Black", the number 13 is a symbol of bad luck.
Overall, more women than men superstition Clover, broken mirror and the bride and groom before the wedding to meet such claims; Democrats more than Republicans to blindly believe in "the house is not auspicious umbrella" is; liberal than those who Clover conservatism more superstitious, the bride and groom before the wedding and to meet that umbrella in the house.
The telephone survey in 2007 October 16-18, and a total of 1013 adults to participate.