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Halloween now

Halloween popular to this day do not have the color of religion and superstition, it became a children's program, but also young people show fancy dress party.
The activities of community festivals have been doing positive guide: adult education requirements do not intimidate the children of the prank, and we ask the children together with adults to go out (the adults are usually cars parked on the roadside, children knock on the door to discussion of sugar) . Adults and children should be required only to holiday arrangements at the door and point the light of the others, otherwise, do not disturb. In addition to discuss the process of glucose must always be standing at the gate waiting, are not allowed inside, get to the sugar checks after Chiao Tung Hsu eat. Children of the reception also asked people not to produce their own food or to the non-packaged food.
Public places and homes around the layout of the festival are voluntary. Grimace pumpkin lights, black spider white nets, which are all decorated holiday, has not completely terrifying ghosts of color. Some female students have reason to buy at this time will be a pumpkin or skeleton of a ghost to wear earrings. If there is any over-doing the layout of terror, and will put an end to by the parties concerned, the media exposure will make it so that the public accusations.
Halloween costumes as well as million of people, not big monotonous a little ghost. There are many channels for people how to make a professor of Halloween costumes. For example, the production of the simplest ghost service on the top with a white sheet over their heads, do not forget to buckle the two holes is to stay out of the eye; it is to play a magician, dressed in black on black, then wear a black hat and head in the hat with the rabbit between the possession of a reserve pile; also taught adults how to children dressed as little angels, white, how tied from behind a flashlight in the head; also taught how to dress up their children like the cartoon image. Of course, costumes, props industry business people to do even more articles.
Halloween is not school holidays. Sometimes, organizations come forward to the evening school, and sometimes lonely students also organized their own small party; and friends, family wish each other a happy Halloween has become a popular annual inter-Oct practices.
All in all, Halloween has become a very ordinary Westerners seasonal festivals. There are a lot of people see this as the end of autumn and the arrival of winter. Halloween is over, people began to look forward to Christmas and the New Year has been.