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the origin of Easter

Easter and Christmas, is outside the festival.
"Bible ? New Testament" record, Jesus was crucified on the Cross, the third day of the resurrection body, hence the name Easter. Easter is the most important Christian festival, the importance of more than Christmas, the religious origin and in the Israel Festival. By "the Bible Matthew" was tortured on the cross of Jesus Christ three days after the death of the resurrection, and the establishment of this section. Historians under the "Bible" and advanced the date of Passover Israelis worked out on the spring equinox (March 21) after the full on Sunday after the first is the "Bible" Jesus referred to the resurrection day. As the day of the equinox is not fixed, so each year a specific date for Easter is also uncertain. However, a view generally in section March 22 to April 25 between.
With regard to the death of Jesus Christ according to Christian doctrine, is the crime in order to change the world; the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ is eternal life in order to be called believers. Thus, in Christianity, Easter has great meaning extremely important.
Most of the United Kingdom have their origins in religious festivals. Easter occurred in the past full moon after the spring equinox the first Sunday, was originally a pagan god in West Asia to commemorate the half-power Road sister was born the day the road is mistress Baal. It is said that the sister Baal Swan Road, was born in an egg, go find shrubs; found on hatching out in his arms a rabbit; rabbits grow up into a beautiful, and the Palestinians cohabitation force, then force a crisis in Pakistan when the Pakistani forces also saved a life. Etymology of English words is the Easter Road.