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Easter customs

Christmas is over, chocolate Easter eggs in the candy store before it came out. That the smallest and simplest tricks are cheap, the children in their own pocket money can buy. Eggs during this period, there are two listed. A small party called Dan sugar, a little more than an inch long, the outside is a thin layer of chocolate, which is a soft dough and then packed into a colorful variety of shapes. Another empty eggs, slightly larger, generally a little larger than the duck. Nothing there, just wrapped a chocolate shell. Just smash the shell, eating chocolate-chip. Easter approaching, the candy shop window will be filled with more beautiful than the egg. At the same time, there used to attract a wide range of children's gifts for sale. Above, decorated with plush velvet wool do chicken, chicken beaks and feet are glued to the card. Fortunately, the child may receive from friends and relatives there are several such gifts.
Easter eggs is to bring happiness to the people - this is true! These eggs beautifully rich decorative and beautiful, they represent the good wishes of the people and to share with you the joy of the season change.
The past, in most Western countries, generally held a grand Easter religious processions. Marchers wearing robes and carrying a cross, barefoot forward. They dressed up as historical figures of Christianity, singing carols to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Festival parade has now lost very biblical. Parade filled with festive holiday atmosphere, with strong characteristics of the civil society and local characteristics. In the United States, that is, in the procession dressed in jeans the clown, but also the lovely and lively cartoon characters Mickey Mouse (Mickey). In the United Kingdom, to introduce more than a procession of local history (history) and customs mainly marchers make-up as a Scottish bagpipe band, as well as guardians of the Imperial Palace, attracting a large number of tourists (tourist). The arrival of Easter, people have also put on new clothes. Christians in the past to the church before the baptism of line, and then put their new gowns to celebrate the new life of Christ. Wearing a new custom has been retained, because people think that festivals do not wear new clothes to the. During the Easter holidays, people also like to thoroughly clean their own house, that new life began.
During the festive season, in accordance with the traditions and customs to people cooked eggs painted red to represent blood Swan also said that after the birth of her life happy; adults and children gathered in small groups to one, with eggs for the game; they eggs on the ground or on the rolling slopes, and finally the breakdown of who is winning, the winner can get all the egg game. The event is very common, even if the White House, but also organize the Easter this game, but here is the egg roll on the lawn; It is believed that egg roll on the floor back and forth can make the devil constantly, much suffering. This custom has a long history, the Easter egg is a symbol, because it signals the arrival of new life, I believe that new life will be born from the salt off.
Another symbol of Easter is a small rabbit, because it has a strong ability to reproduce, people see it as the creators of new life. Festivals, vivid image of adults tell the children Easter eggs will hatch into small rabbit. many families in the garden will also put some eggs in the lawn, let the kids play the game to find eggs. Easter Bunny and eggs also become a sought-after commodity during the holiday season. shopping malls selling a variety of rabbit and Egg-like products, also a small food store and candy store filled with chocolate made with rabbit and the egg, the "rabbit food" look cute, egg shape of different tastes sweet taste, to send is also very suitable to a friend.
Easter in the American food is also useful features, and more dominated by lamb and ham. According to legend, there is a God test Abraham's loyalty to heart and ordered him to kill the only son Isaac for sacrifice, Abraham extremely painful Finally, he decided to do God's will.on in his son's moment, God sent an angel to stop him. Abraham a ram for the festival will be dedicated to God. after the sheep for ritual sacrifice of God has become the custom in this section. the habit of eating ham, it is said that immigration into the United Kingdom. At first, the British used against the Jews to eat ham that meat containing blood taboo contempt; today, has become the revival of Festival of traditional food. However, during the Easter holidays, is now regularly eat canned Easter.
Easter is the Christian festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. Legend of Jesus was crucified on the cross, resurrected the third day to ascend to heaven after death. Each year to celebrate Easter in the church refers to the full moon after the spring equinox the first Sunday, if Sunday happens to be a full moon that day, Easter was postponed a week. Easter and therefore may be March 22 to April 25 on any day between.
Typical spring with Easter gifts and regeneration related to: eggs, chicken, rabbit, flowers, especially the lily is a symbol of the season. On the eve of Easter, the children for friends and family to dress up a coloring eggs. Boiled eggs and some of these very old, some only the empty shell. Easter morning, the children will find the bed of the Easter basket filled with chocolate eggs, Easter rabbits, fuzzy chicks, and baby toys. It is said that the Easter eggs will be hidden in rabbits indoors or let the kids in the grass to find. The annual White House Egg Roll activities are often said to live television.
The German government provides a two-day Easter break. In the festival, family reunion, taste traditional food, meet friends and relatives to congratulate each other. Egg a symbol of life, fire, water, and so became the Easter rabbit mascot. Eggs and rabbits in the West is a new symbol of life and prosperity. A symbol of the sun the color of eggs, eggs dyed red to symbolize happiness. Easter, parents should be prepared specifically for children made of eggs, rabbit-shaped chocolate. Eggs between friends and relatives to each other. In the middle reaches of the Rhine and Hesse eastern towns, has retained the "egg trees" in this ancient custom. People have painted hundreds of egg tempera, egg string chain, linked to the Easter day in the pine tree, the tree made of eggs, adults and children around the egg tree singing, dancing and celebrating Easter. The girls Alps red through donated eggs to express his love. This day in Easter, a young girl if presented to the three red eggs, said to the young girl courtship. Easter on the rabbit as a mascot, there is a section of legend.
Resurrection of Jesus in ancient days, when residents of the Scandinavian region to celebrate the rejuvenation of the earth "Spring Sun's Day", as grassland, forest animals, one of prolific rabbit animals, it symbolizes the recovery of spring and new life The birth of Venus at the same time it is also pet Dixit is also the Germanic goddess of land Horta candle holders who lead the way. Therefore, it is a rabbit for the children as to send envoys of Easter eggs by the child's favor. 'On this day in the Easter children will receive the gift of rabbit-shaped. Fire not only brought light to mankind, but also access to the new earth. Jesus as a symbol of regeneration, many of the Easter activities associated with fire.
Easter on this day, people in front of the church of show, and will welcome into the tens of thousands of households Candlemas. On this day, children were the happiest thing is the flame to the individual. The church before they lit the sacred flame tree, and then running to the door-to-door, which is full of joyful festive atmosphere. Bavarian region in Germany, the annual Easter residents torch race should be held to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus. And the North Rhine Westphalia state roll Easter Guzmania Luc Taiwan is known. Huge round of six large wooden fire lit down the valley, just six fire appear out of the blue, dark valley by large Guzmania according to a brightly lit, colorful fireworks with each other, once again shows the fire has brought new life to human beings.
As the only minority in Germany is the use of the Sorbian people the form of a chorus to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Wearing a black T-shirt, wearing a black hat of the Sorbian people, riding with ribbon, flowers and a white horse decorated shells, the mighty to the road on the road in the forest. They went wild with the high voice singing the praises of a strong, very spectacular scenes.
Mainstream Easter with flowers: lilies
[1] Easter festival in the West, you must not think that the Easter holidays are fixed every year in the day Oh. Easter is over a full moon after the spring equinox the first Sunday.
Easter day is that everywhere can see the shadow of a beautiful lily, lily of the charming symbol of the sacred and pure: people are like in the spring, around Easter time to find the lily in full bloom to represent the hearts of Jesus the sanctity of Christ. The horn shape is like the lily, as also in the hearts of our trumpet the resurrection of Jesus Christ of the Good News. Formolongi in particular, white lily in the Christian is seen as their "flower of the resurrection", represents the purity and sanctity of mind, is absolutely indispensable for Easter flowers, it will be known as the English name EasterLily . Lilium longiflorum very strong smell, shape, very attractive, so people also call it Lilium longiflorum.