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Easter food

In Europe, because of Lent (40 days before Easter) because of fasting, in each meal before Easter, are ordained to be; the seventh century, therefore, there is lamb ordained records appear afterwards, and added fats and ordained ham.
In fact, section lent fasting is prohibited to eat the eggs. To the twelfth century, the egg can only have ordained; in Easter, the Catholics will be painted eggs red, please ordained priests, they would be used as gift to friends, which is why Easter is all the origin of the first to send eggs.
In addition to eggs, there are other foods such as butter, cheese, bread, etc. ordained. Before the reform in the ritual ceremony still retained the lamb, eggs, bread I wish the Bible text.
Many countries in Europe, the revival of the main on the main menu are fresh lamb meat, lamb ordained because when people commemorate the blood of the Lamb by Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt, which is the Lamb (later known as the Passover lamb) is a pre-form of Jesus: he was the holy Lamb of God, by his stay on the cross by the blood, so that the crime of humanity to wash out the devil of slavery.
Eggs are also a symbol of spring and the beginning of a new life. To the Christian era, but also to give a layer of religious meaning: the symbol of the resurrection of Jesus out of stone.
The bread is to make Christians think Jesus is the eternal life of live food. In many European countries, Easter is usually grilled other special Easter bread, bread painted the words of Jesus Christ, crosses, or patterns, such as lambs to commemorate Christ.
Date: equinox over the past year, the first full moon after the first Sunday.
Easter is the Christian commemoration of Resurrection ye EC a religious holiday. Church of Christ in the early years of the date of Easter, there have been controversial, causing momentary confusion, until 325 AD, the priests of the Church of the meeting before deciding on a day to celebrate the unification of the Easter.
There are a lot of the traditional Easter celebration, Easter egg is a symbol of the most typical. In ancient times the eggs are often seen as more children and grandchildren and a symbol of resurrection. Because it breeds new life. Later, Christians also gives new meaning to the egg that it is a symbol of the tomb of Jesus, the life of the future is born from it and get rid of. Easter eggs are often dyed red to represent the crucifixion of Jesus when the blood flow, but also a symbol of happiness after the resurrection. There is an ancient custom, the egg is cooked to the street children play. They took the egg from the hillside under: Who broke the last egg, will win. All property of all of his eggs. White House to play this game every year, but is rolling eggs on the lawn only.
Rabbit is a symbol of Easter. Rabbit fecundity because strong, so people also see it as the performance of new life from.often to speak to the children is the rabbit of Easter eggs and the eggs on the garden, let the kids play games to find the eggs.
Now every Easter. The United States the total size of a candy shop to be sold are made with chocolate and the Easter egg-free. These eggs and egg is almost small, big melon so much competition there is, the children eat them with relish. To the relatives and friends, but also be a good gift.
Easter is the traditional food of meat, mainly lamb and ham. They all have some meaning. According to "the Bible" says: God to test Abraham, so that his only son to withdraw the offer for the sowing festival. Abraham really do, to kill in his to withdraw when the Angel of God ordered him to stop. At this time, Abraham found a ram is out of it take over offer for the burnt offering, instead of his son. Sacrificial sheep, therefore, is an old holiday tradition. Lamb is a symbol of sacrifice of Jesus. As for eating ham, relic is said to be British in order to show that the Jewish prohibition of meat containing the blood of the contempt of the rules. Later, the wind was the British immigrants to the U.S..
According to the tradition of the Western Church, in the Vernal Equinox Day (March 21) to see the full moon day of the spring equinox or too see the first full moon after the first encounter is Easter Sunday.
While the eastern churches, if the full moon happens to appear on this first Sunday, then Easter and then postponed a week. Therefore, the festival period of more or less in the March 22 to April 25 between.
Easter is a full moon after the spring equinox in the year the first Sunday.
Each year to celebrate Easter in the church refers to the full moon after the spring equinox the first Sunday, if Sunday happens to be a full moon that day, Easter was postponed a week. Easter may be a result from March 22 to April 25 on any day between.
Easter is one of the oldest Christian festival of the most meaningful. Because it is the celebration of Christ's resurrection, all Christians around the world celebrate this festival.
Easter celebrations lent diet from the beginning. Lent diet from Ash Wednesday to Easter just 40 days, is self-reflection, a day of repentance.
Typical spring with Easter gifts and regeneration related to: eggs, chicken, rabbit, flowers, especially the lily symbol of dates this season.
On the eve of Easter, the children for friends and family to dress up a coloring eggs. Boiled eggs and some of these very old, some only the empty shell. Easter morning, the children will find the bed of the Easter basket filled with chocolate eggs, Easter rabbits, fuzzy chicks, and baby toys. It is said that the Easter eggs will be hidden in rabbits indoors or let the kids in the grass to find. The annual White House Egg Roll activities are often said to live television.
Easter is also a concern to you people customs by flowers, bonsai, flower festivals and other places. Many people who go to church that day also presented bouquets to the church. Adults are often each other gift cards or small pieces.