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What is Easter

Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus is also one of the most important Christian festival. According to the Bible records, God's son Jesus was born in the manger, when he three-year-old when the 12 students selected to begin missionary work. Three and a half years, he was the doctor-patient, preaching, time for ghosts to help various people in need will be the reason that the Kingdom of Heaven, it sounded. Arrangements until the time God has arrived, Judas betrayed Jesus Christ to be disciples, was the capture, interrogation, was the Roman crucifixion, three days after death must be predicted before the resurrection. Was the third day, Jesus is risen! According to the interpretation of the Bible, Jesus Christ is the Incarnate Son to the world in order to change the world of crime, becoming the scapegoat of the world, which is why Easter is so important!
Although, like prisoners, like Jesus was crucified, he died because he was not guilty, but according to God's plan for world redemption. Now he is risen from the dead, said he atone for our success. Anyone who trust him, to him to plead guilty, you can get a pardon of God. The resurrection of Jesus, death is better than on his behalf, so that those who trust him, have eternal life, and Jesus is that we can together forever. Because Jesus is still alive, so he could hear our prayers to him, will look after our daily lives, give strength to us, so that every day is full of hope. He is still alive and with us every day!