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Resurrection Rabbit

Easter eggs and rabbits are a symbol. Traditional Easter food mainly lamb and ham. Resurrection Rabbit (Bonnie rabbit): According to the legend of the oldest in Europe, the hare is an animal all day long is not closed, they can in the night and watched around the other animals, therefore, on behalf of a hare in one night on TV drama bringing moon. In addition, the calculation of Easter date is based on the spring full moon, so the spring will be strong breeding rabbits as a symbol of Easter. This custom into the United States, Americans for the rabbits given a cute name, call it Easter Bunny Rabbit! Resurrection egg: from the twelfth century, the peoples of many European countries began to give each other the practice of resurrection eggs. Eggs, a symbol of new life. Hard shell can not limit the new life which is breeding. Jesus Christ for our sins and crucified on the cross, buried in graves, but not related to live his grave. The third day of his resurrection, so that people who believe that he, and the new life. Eggs, Easter has become one of commonly used symbols. Eggs would mean the arrival of spring and the birth of new life and a symbol of Jesus from the dead out of stone. Lily: lily symbol of the sacred and pure. It is like in the spring, around Easter lilies in full bloom to represent the sanctity of Jesus Christ. And the shape of the speakers like a lily, it is like the trumpet the good news of Jesus Christ of the resurrection.