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Fool's Day customs

Fool's Day [1], it was often a family gathering, with daffodils and daisies decorated the room. Typical is the arrangement of the traditional practice of false environment, the room layout can be the same as Christmas. New Year can also be arranged the same as when the guests, then congratulations to them "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year", it is interesting and unique.
April 1 fish feast. Is unique. Invitation to participate in the feast of fish, usually made of colored cardboard fish. Table with green, decorated with white. Placed on small and intermediate tank and the fishing rod, fishing rod on each line of a green ribbon, hung a gift to the guests of celluloid or a delicate fish, or a fish basket full of candy. It goes without saying that the fish feast on all the dishes are made with fish.
Fool's Day gathering in, as well as a custom food fraud. Some people have described a typical Fool's Day recipe: First, a "salad" of lettuce leaves, green pepper, a shaman, but after the leaves opened, the following was found oyster cocktail;is "baked potato" In fact, the following is the sweet crumbs and; then there are the dishes made with crab meat disguised and hidden in tomato chicken salad raspberry ice cream following. After dinner, guests can also feeding candy from the pill box.
But the most typical activities of Fool's Day or a joke about each other, tease each other with lies. Some people lost wallet thread in the streets, holding their own in the dark the other side of the line. Once the wallet was picked up, they suddenly surprise to pull the purse away. There are people on the broken bricks and put the hat on the road below them, and then waiting to see who will play it by. Children who will tell parents that their bags, or the face has a black spot. Look at adults, such as leaning over, they shouted on the side of "April fool." Run away to the side of a smile. In short, every Fool's Day that day, the zoo and aquarium fish will receive a lot of calls (fish) into Mr. Leon (Lion) Mr. telephone, often drew staff telephone lines cut off in order to reduce the trouble .