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The origin of Fool's Day

Trace the origin of Fool's Day, about the following:
In 1564, King Charles IX of France decided to adopt the new reform law Jinian - Gregorian calendar (the Gregorian calendar that is the current GM), to January 1 as the beginning of the year has changed the past, for the April 1 New Year the start. However, some old school oppose such reform, still under the old calendar in April 1 to send New Year's ceremony that day to celebrate the New Year. Those who advocated the reform of the old school these practices make a mockery of Gran Canaria, in the April 1 to send holiday gifts to them to invite them to leave the meeting. From then on, make fun of April 1 will be spread to people. When people fall, when people make fun of his voice cried out: "April's fish" ( "POISSON'S D'AVRIL"), meaning "mischievous in April." The origin of this idiom with the original meaning has been unclear.
According to British historian of the research: "Fool's Day" is the origin of Buddhism in India for just the phrase "to reach the other side" remarks. English Encyclopedia of which is recorded: "Fool's Day" is a religious revolution in the fifteenth century AD after the emergence of a festival of lying. Wang that time Spain was the establishment of a "heretical court" as long as Catholics were not regarded as a heresy, in the capital punishment on April 1 each year, that is, the death penalty. Subjects were very terror, then make fun of every day for the music to lie in order to dilute the rulers of the fear and hatred. Since then, follow a long period of time, evolved into today's "Fool's Day."
It is said that from human beings after Adam about, the God to flood to destroy the world, but leaving only the third son of Adam's descendants Cabrelli Noah, he's a man-made preservation of a ship the size of.after the flood, Noah released a white dove will be, I would like to explore a piece of land after the flooding subsides, as it coincides with the day on April 1. So people think that in this day makes no sense to do a thing, just like a pigeon to do the same as white workers, acts of stupidity. To "Fool" of the origin.
According to membership records remnant of ancient Rome: Rome was held in early April each year, "Kang Man-will" in a year, "Kang Man-will," God is the key to Alice, daughter of Snow White Cup Ping Luo Na picking daffodils in a park when the nether world to meet Radovan Wang Bo, the two love at first sight, love each other, they marry white Radovan Bo Luo Ping-Na for the nether world race queen, when they return to the two House Bo Radovan Fuchu is send to eat the ghosts of the issue of laughter, Lis to fool the snow, and snow Lis fruit fool, she is looking for the source of the sound track. Therefore, every year they have the "Ginger Man` will "to" Fool's Day. "
According to Christians is: "Fool's Day" to commemorate the day of Jesus crucifixion, Jesus was crucified on the cross before the forced running everywhere, people to April 1 to commemorate the day he was innocent of such people crucify alive, in fact, contains the meaning of vigilance.
April 1 of the original lunar calendar New Year in Europe, and later France, the first switch to the new calendar to congratulate all the Lunar New Year ceremony, unity in the new calendar change was to the implementation of January 1. However, the old customs used to celebrate New Year in a long time, there is no way for a sudden forget that they later in the new calendar for the April 1 New Year's Day, on this day for a variety of gift or Banquet hypocritical to Bo smile. After the evolution of "Fool's Day." Another argument is that the new calendar of the new, intended to make fun of Old School, especially in the April 1 through hypocritical way to send a gift to Old School.