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Fool's Day From Hell means-4

Fool's Day that day (may be in error before and after the two-day, | N | <10), your old friend, will be received by the Post Office issued a notice of the trust, was told that he (she) has a postage due mail , the sender is unknown, ask him (her) to half the distance of a certain city may be unknown for the Post Office Department to receive, of course, also pay double the postage, can not let the day spared no efforts in making the postman do work wasted (What a pity postage is not expensive, not great bloodletting), then he (she) their unique hot April sun, filled with doubt look busy looking forward to going through consultation questions finally came to a certain post offices dangerous, extremely deferential away on the double of the postage, if I remember correctly, it should be 2 Dayuan RMB ...... he (she) was filled with exciting hands opened the envelope, inside a piece of paper "Happy Fool's Day ,you come here,......"
Matters requiring special attention: 1, do not paste the stamps, or what is also playing; 2, do not write their own address on the letter, otherwise they will give you back and say, so hard was not the postman double times the return postage, you labor in vain that you bear to let the country's postal services to what you lost?