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Unfortunately, "Fool's Day" joke

Many people hope that by Fool's Day joke for everyone, but sometimes too big joke, they will be counter-productive.
In 2003, SARS spread in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong secondary school students from a "Ming Pao Daily News" page format conversion, in their own Web sites produced by issuing a false news, which is the spread of SARS in Hong Kong, it announced that Hong Kong needs to become infected area, land, sea and air transport routes to close. In addition, the report also refers to the then Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa of Hong Kong in order not to deal with the epidemic and the resignation to the Central. Fool's Day joke that the news would have only a ICQ to his own students, but students at face value, the link and then spread to other people, and quickly spread in the network, and causing public panic, have rushed to the supermarket to stock up on food. Government to hold a press conference was immediately dismissed and arrested the student, and charged with "knowing that SARS is a disease in the publication of false news about it" charges. (It is learned that day, "Ming Pao Daily News" editor-in-chief Zhang Jian-bo had to call the boy a warning to the rumor.)
The same day, the famous pop artist Leslie Cheung in Hong Kong at the Mandarin Oriental (Mandarin Oriental) committed suicide. This is the death occurred in the Fool's Day, although the news spread in the network, but once that is not possible mischief; up to the main media (television news, radio news) have reported, it was found out the news to be true (and foreign media, Hong Kong media not to create false news in the Fool's Day), then brought his circles, music and Hong Kong and the Chinese all over the shock, many people find it hard to believe that the matter. Memory of Leslie Cheung to join his brother.