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The origin of tea

Theaceae Tea is for the evergreen shrub or small tree plants, plant up to 1-6 meters. Like tea and humid climate, the south of the Yangtze River in China's cultivated areas. Tea made from tea leaves,use, and cardiac, diuretic effect. 3 years of tea cultivation in the leaves can be taken. Qingming grow normally 4-5 months before and after plucking tender leaves, shoots produced by this very good quality tea, tea of the treasures are.
The history of China has a long record of tea drinking has been unable to identify exactly what's in the end, but there is a general statement of the times. And can also be found evidence that indeed in the world in many parts of the habit of drinking tea from China over the past Chuan. Therefore, many people think that tea is the first Chinese people, in other parts of the world's tea drinking habit, the habit of tea plantations were, directly or indirectly, from China over the past Chuan.bubble more than a hundred years with a three-year process of exquisite tea, but was able to find evidence that the habit of tea drinking is not just invented by the Chinese people in the world where the other is the invention of tea, for example, India and Africa, in 1823, a British Army Major aggression found wild in India's largest tea, which was started to identify the origin of tea in India. China, of course, there are records of wild tea trees, are concentrated in the Southwest region, also contains records of Gansu, Hunan region of the individual. Tea is a very ancient dicots, and is closely related to people's lives.
In China, tea is also on the origin of the first debate, there are several theories. Many people believe that in Yunnan, a research scholar at after careful study that, Yunnan's Xishuangbanna is the origin of tea. Artificial cultivation of tea began in the earliest written records of the Western Han Dynasty Mengshan tea. This is in the "Annals of Sichuan" in the set.