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Do our best to creat a green tea category, is one of China's famous tea. Do our best to tea produced in Anxi County, Fujian Province. Do our best to creat a long history of tea, tea has long been known, said Wang. It has been set, do our best to stem the origins of tea-ching Yongzheng (1725 ~ 1735). Anxi County is mountainous and the climate warm, adequate rainfall, the growth of lush tea, a wide variety of tea, colorful, National. Do our best to tea, one may take the four tea, at spring, summer tea, summer tea, autumn tea. Quality tea to spring for the best. Tieguanyin of tea manufacturing processes and the general law of the system is basically the same, but to shake a few more green, cool green shorter. Generally in the evening before the sun blue, green overnight shaking, cool blue, the following morning to complete fermentation, and then by rubbing baking speculation, which lasted a day and night. Its manufacturing processes into the drying green, rolling green, cool blue, fixing, cutting rubbing, the beginning of baking, including massage, rehabilitation baking and drying process 9. Do our best to creat good quality tea fat cord tight end, quality re-such as iron, green sand furong Obviously, Green pedicled green, red Attorney, sweet floral high mellow sweet, unique taste, rich sweet aftertaste, red 7th bubble still; liquor color of golden yellow, soft Securinega hypertrophy, Yan Liang uniform red leaf margin, the Green Heart Red flanger.