Yueyang needles Junshan

Yueyang Junshan needles, one of China's famous yellow tea. Jun Camellia only stem the Tang Dynasty, Qing Dynasty tea into the tribute. Junshan for Dongting Lake in Hunan Yueyang county island. Qing, Jun Camellia into "tip of tea", "dried tea" two. "Tip of tea", such as tea sword, white fluffy Ran and incorporate it into a tribute tea, Su-called "sharp Gong." GAO Junshan needles tea aroma,Gan Shuang, HUANG Cheng-Tang Gao, Nha Trang and more dollars, be Zhen Qi Yun, a light yellow fluffy cents. After brewing, bud soup red vertical or overhanging the water, slowly sinking, another re-Shen, the three ups and three downs, Fun view. Silver Needle Tea Junshan three four-day mining in the vicinity of cemeteries in order to spring the first round of shoots produced, and the election to be stout and strong, multi-dollars, 25 ~ 30 mm long shoot, the post-selection to the size of even the young shoots produced Qi needles. Manufacturing processes at fixing, sharing cool, early dry, rehabilitation shared cooler pack early, complex dry, then package, for drying processes, such as 8.