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Pu'er tea

Pu'er tea in Yunnan tea leaves to produce the basis of a new species of tea. Yunnan Pu'er tea, also known as green tea, the original distribution centers in Puer County, so named, since there are 1700 years of history. It is music by Yau, Ping Deng, SQ 11 counties to help the tea, Pu'er county in the name processed. Tea tree or tree into the tall form of tea, fat and dried shoots cents extremely dense and has a good hold of tender, shoots excellent quality. The method of their production method of sub-fermented green tea, after fixation, the beginning of kneading, the beginning of the fermentation reactor, rehabilitation rubbing, and then heap fermentation, early dry, then rubbing, drying processes 8. In ancient times, as a medicinal tea. Characterized by its quality: sharp aroma lasting high, with large leaf Yunnan tea flavor of the unique characteristics, strong taste of wealth to the strong irritant;-resistant foam, after five or six times still brewing aroma, rich orange soup, Nha Trang thick leaf, red leaf color between red, yellow, and green stems and leaves, thick solid bar, Baihao clouds. Loose tea and tea are two types of tea.