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Liuan is a famous green tea, is the only tea leaves to a single product by frying, can be called a must. Produced in the western Dabie Mountains in Anhui tea, with Liuan, Jinzhai, Huoshan products by the best three counties, as tea was melon-shaped, hence the name "Liuan", color green, Xiang GAO, sweet fresh resistance brewing. It was first originated from the Qi Yun Jinzhai County, but also to Qi Yunproduced the best quality tea, also known as "QI Yun." Transpiration when the mist of their tea, fragrance overflowing, there is also a "cloud abruzzese" known.
in the QI Yun, Qi Yunagain producedfor the best brands, thearound, the whole of the bat, there were tens of thousands gathered here, waiting for spreading manure phosphorus-rich quality, conducive to growth of tea, so here's the most sweet and delicious. However, due to production constraints, many tea drinkers to "have only heard their names, not their capacity." Liuanfinished, leaf margin rolled to the back, showing melon-shaped, and very different from other green tea, brewing, the bright green liquor color, aroma GAO,sweet, and heart Mingmu, refreshing lack, Tongqiao the effect of wind dispersion. Such excellent quality, unique due to natural conditions, as well as sophisticated fine can not be separated from the acquisition process. Picking the time normallyGuyu call in between the beginning of summer than the other about the High Tea and a half months later, climbing off of films to shoot on the third quartile of the first leaf to leaf and quadrimaculata Voss, with his hands one by one climb, the first leaf system "Tablet" Futaba "system," or four-leaf clover "Mei-chip", bud system "needles", with the climb with the speculation. Speculation film after film drying, film drying only 2-3 per two first "pull a small fire", then "pull the old fire" until the leaves show color green uniform, and then stored while it is hot sealed. , as the Song Dynasty "Ming Fu," said: "When this time also, women spent silkworm weaving, men spent farming, income may not be night, day shall not be stopped." Superior flavor color istreasures tea