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Types of Tea

Guan Yin.
Name of a color are: green tea, black tea, white tea Maojian.
Named to taste are: mannose tea, such as Gujarat.
Name of a fragrance are: tea scented tea, jasmine tea, chrysanthemum tea.
In the form of the name are: Mission tea, Tuo, pieces of tea, such as stem-chip.
According to the shape of tea can be divided into three types: that is, a flat shape, such as Longjing tea, generous tea and tea flag gun; The second is long tea, such as eyebrow tea, rain tea, tea Maofeng; Third round of tea , such as Gunpowder, Kun-hee tea tea head crab.
And so on, and so on!
The above-mentioned classification of several common methods together, Chinese tea can be divided into: basic tea and re-processing of two major tea.