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Six tea

Chinese culture has a long history and profound. Necessary for daily life as a beverage: tea in the long history has also created a rich tea culture characteristics. According to their different processing methods can be divided into six categories:
1, Green Tea: This is the largest of China's output of a class of tea and its many varieties the world. Shannon Green Tea with high, shaped the United States, characterized by resistance brewing. Their production processes have been rolled a fixation of a drying process. Due to the dry processing methods, can be divided into green tea green tea, green tea, steaming green tea and green tea ching sun. China's green tea production up to a class of tea, the national tea production 18 provinces (autonomous regions) are the production of green tea. China's many varieties of green tea in the world, exporting tens of thousands of tons of green tea market of the world trade of around 70%. China's traditional green tea - tea and Gunpowder eyebrow to Shannon in the high, shaped the United States, resistant to brew, and by consumers at home and abroad.
2, black: the difference between black tea and green tea lies in the different processing methods. Black tea processing without fixation, and wilt, so that part of leaf loss of cloud water, and then rolled (rub or cut into particles), and then fermented, so that the polyphenols contained in oxidation, into a red compound. Part of this water-soluble compounds, some do not dissolve in water, and accumulated in the leaves to form the Decoction, leaves. There are a small species of black tea, black tea and the broken black tea work three categories.
3, green tea (oolong tea): a semi-fermented tea that is produced when the proper fermentation, so that leaves a little red change between green tea and black tea is a tea between. It is both fresh concentrated green tea, sweet tea and alcohol. The middle of their green leaf, red leaf margin, it is "green red rimmed" known.
4, White Tea: It is our specialty. Processing time is not speculation it is not rubbing, just tender, dorsal hairs over the tea leaves to dry or dry with slow fire, full of white hairs retained. White tea produced in Fujian mainly Fuding, governance, and Jianyang Songxi counties, the "needles", "White", "Mei Gong," several.
5, yellow tea: In the course of tea, after Ottawa Huang stack, resulting in yellow leaves, yellow soup. At the "yellow" (including Salix Junshan Dongting Lake in Hunan, Sichuan Yaan, Monte Mingshan County Top Huangya, Anhui Huo Huoshan within the bud), "Yellow small tea" (including the Peikang Yueyang in Hunan Province, Hunan Ningxiang of Weishan Maojian, Pingyang, Zhejiang Pingyang the yellow soup, Hubei An Luyuan far), "Huang tea" (including the large Yeqing, Huang Huoshan Anhui tea) three.
6, black tea: the old rough raw materials, processing time when the accumulation of fermentation, so that was dark brown color. Black tea are mainly sold to the original border, is Tibetan, Mongolian, Uygur and other ethnic brothers indispensable daily necessities. Yunnan Pu'er tea is like one of them. There are "black tea Hunan", "Hubei old green tea", "fort six tea in Guangxi," Sichuan "West Roadside Tea," "Southern roadside tea", Yunnan's "tight Tea," "flat Tea," "Tea Party "and" round tea "and other varieties.