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Loyal to the original purity of perfect,bubble tea is not fermented,detailed breakdown of the bubble is speculation Ching tea, such as, and Maojian Biluochun, etc., and the other is steaming tea-ching, such as Jianchaling and Yulu. This is a standard two differentIf you want to understand the bubble, at least we have to remember that the main can be divided intospeculation bubble tea and steamed Ching Ching Cha in two. Cha-ching speculation is the main production in China's tea, tea-ching and steam specialty products primarily in Japan.foam processing, regardless of level or from the processing means of processing. The processing isbubblemining leaves of fresh, fermented without any processing, into the plant immediately after blanching (kill the enzyme activity, so that is no longer to carry out the chemical constituents ofoxidation) and made of, so to retain the freshof the most primitive style.
Bubblerich in amino acids and vitamin C, amino acid content the higher the quality the more excellent, and this has clearly been established, the content of vitamin C can be used as a bubbleindirect indicator of the quality of good or bad.quality characteristics of the bubble is about fresh and natural, to the flavor, sweet teamust, at the same time with the clear hint of grass Li Xiang Xiang or cooked, as the bubbleamino acid rich, so fresh tea other than tea Shuang sweet and most of the components of the original features are retained, without oxidation, so green tea show "Tom Green leaf, fresh and natural," the typical to describe the quality characteristics of the bubble, only a pure and natural, to the perfect clean flavor like "pure child" to describe. Drank bubbles have anReturn to Innocence,harmony between man and nature from the right atmosphere, which is why the Japanese especially love Jianchaling, while that derived from the Japanese Tea Ceremony "and, Respect, Purity, silence," You open far-reaching artistic conception, if you are interested in drinking hotshould gradually open to experience the kind of quiet and naturalthe original conception,bubble tea fermentation under which part of the hemisphere-type packet tea, the tea is At present, the province up to the production of tea is the most important, the extent of its fermentation slightly more Wenshan tea bag weight (mature), the appearance of tight junction were dark green of the hemisphere-shaped, fine processing complex, very human consumption.bubble completely without things like the innocent child, so retain the original flavor of fresh pure, unrestrained Chhnang a pure atmosphere, the fermentation has reached 30%, it is also a more mature and sophisticated flavorrubbing Jiao .
Therefore, varieties created bybubble tea made from the package prices are usually more expensive, followed byor Cuiyu again for the spring seasons. In short, if you're into tea or tea, buy tea tea house tea selection, remember to bring naturalmilk tea, tea Cuiyu Chhnang are wild fragrance, while the spring seasons have a strong fragrance, but the taste is slightly bitter, and Green Heart is the taste of alcoholbubbles, aroma rich, high-quality high-priced tea.
How to identify good and bad tea?