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Tea processing

Further processing of tea in various tea or refined by further processing is called together with the tea, including tea, Compressed Tea, liquid tea, instant tea and medicinal tea.
Tea: tea combined with the drug, made from tea, to play and strengthen the effectiveness of the drug, dissolved in favor of drugs, increasing flavor,reconcile. A lot of this type of tea, such as "noon tea," "scattered," "longevity tea", "slimming tea" and so on.
Tea, which is a relatively rare varieties of tea. It is used to increase floral fragrance of a product, like very popular in our country. Is generally done with green tea green tea, a small number of black tea or oolong tea is also useful to do the green tea. Tea ready to absorb it in accordance with the characteristics of smell to flowers from a cellar of materials. The jasmine flower varieties, several kinds of sweet-scented osmanthus, etc. to a maximum of jasmine.
From the world's point of view, in these types of tea to the largest number of black tea, followed by green tea, white tea is the least.