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Wonderland tea all over the world

Worldwide more than 100 countries and regions are like tea. Drinking tea in some places to enjoy art as a promotion. The same as drinking countries, is different.
Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka's population loves to drink strong tea, tea Shibuya bitter, they feel that with relish. The country's best-selling black tea all over the world, in the capital Colombo with big business to the Distribution of tea, tea with the Ministry of Examination by expert taste test by the tongue, and then the nuclear grade and price.
Britain: British people from all walks of life enjoy drinks. Tea, almost the national drink known as the United Kingdom. He loved the strong tea is boiled, and to 12 sugar, add a little cold milk.
Thailand: Thai people in love in the ice tea, all of a sudden on the cooling or even frozen, which is iced tea. In Thailand, the local tea drinkers do not drink hot tea, hot tea to drink is usually the guests outside.
Mongolia: Mongolians love to eat brick tea. They placed wooden mortar in the brick tea powder, adding water on the pot boil, and then add some salt, milk and goat's milk added.
New Zealand: New Zealanders to drink tea to enjoy as one of the largest life. Many offices, schools, factories, mines, etc. In particular, tea time set. The township of tea shops and tea houses abound.
Mali: Mali popular tea after a meal. They Add to the pot of tea and water, and then stewed in mud boil furnace. After tea boiled with sugar, pour a cup of each. Differences in the method of their tea in general: to get up every day on the water in tin cans, tea input; their preparation, cooking until the bacon at the same time, and then a cup of tea at the same time to eat meat.
Canada: Canadian brewing methods are rather special, first hot clay pot, put a teaspoon of tea leaves to boiling water and then in its last note, the Baptist seven or eight minutes, and then dumped into a tea kettle for hot drinks. Usually by adding cheese and sugar.
Russia: Russian tea, every piece of glass often with lemon, lemon is also useful on behalf of the pulp. Sometimes in the winter by adding rum to prevent colds.
Egypt: Egypt Rehd. Egyptian hospitality, often cup hot tea, which put many of sugar, 23 cups of this drink sweet tea, mouth feel sticky at best, and even do not want to eat a meal.
North Africa: North Africa, the mint tea. North Africa, people drink tea, like green tea, piece of fresh flowers in a few mint leaves and some rock sugar, cool drinks and delicious when. When guests are coming, the guests have to be the master of the King to him drinking three glasses of tea, to be polite.
South America: South America, mate. South America, many countries, people use local made of tea tree leaves, and help both of refreshing. They are the straw from the cup with a taste of slowly.
Source― ーTheaceae Camellia tea plant Camellia sinensis O Ktunze [Thea sinensis L.], a leaf, son of the root medicine. Ye summer and can be collected or cooking. Root can be taken throughout the year.
ー― Taste to the leaves by: bitter, sweet; sub: bitter, cold, toxic; root: bitter, flat.
― ーAttending cardiac function diuretic, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, antidiarrheal convergence.
Leaf: for enteritis, dysentery, a negative urine, edema, narcolepsy; external governance burns.
Root: used for hepatitis, heart disease, edema.
― ーUse the amount of money 3 to 5 leaves;suitable for external use, add enough oil transfer lesion. Root: 3 ~ 6 money.