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The benefits of tea

First discovered tea and use of medicinal started from. "Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs, 72 days when drugs may be the solution of tea." Jin Hua "natural chi" is also a "real drink tea, it is less sleep" is. Hongjing "Miscellany" said "tea light Tea-for-bone, Xi Huang Chun son's clothes." In fact, sub tea also recorded here as early as the Han Dynasty's "mind": Yuyao people YU Hong, Ming mountain mining. Event of a Taoist priest, led by the three green cattle, cited Hung to Falls Hill, said: "son. Smell good son of a drink, see Hui Chang Reith. The mountains are big tea, you can phase to, in future sub-Chi Ou Chilan while also begging left with. "Siren Dianzhong by legislation. Often after family members into the mountains, by the great Ming Yan. Son of the Han Dynasty for "fairy" tea culture in one of the earliest Taoist figures in the history of the waterfall Yuyao famous tea mountains. So the "big Tea" and "Sin Ming" is also exactly the same records. A few records that the "tea" and "Tea", that is, today's tea. What we are surprised that, as early as Guo Pu of the Jin Dynasty in the comments, "Yi", that is, to explain: (tea) tree small, such as gardenia, Dong-Sheng Ye, a funeral, named Shu People Mallotus. There is the so-called "Shu People" of the records, can be regarded as the ancient custom of tea drinking Bashu earliest infancy. Pot still lay in the Western Han Dynasty, "free food," said: "Bitter tea, fresh long eclosion." All this shows the beginning of tea and medicine is being used to link.
Tea and tea Tong, Xian-Qing Tang years, Sun and others loudly Oppression "Tang Materia Medica" tea for the tea set tea variant ago. Tea of the earliest documented official is "The Book of Songs", of which there are many references to the word tea, such as "Bei wind. Valley Wind "in the" Who said that bitter tea, such as the Gan Mosla "," Zheng Feng. Its East Gate "of" women, such as tea, "" Bin wind. Jul "of" mining salary Philosamia tea "," Bin wind. Owl "in the" stroke for the tea, "" Great. Mian poem "in the" tea as sumire yee "and" Song weeks. Si-liang, "the" to pull out polygonum tea, tea Kutami polygonum only ", meaning respectively chinensis, Stipa abusive flowers and grass land, and later used for drinking tea there is no obvious link. Tea into the diet during the Han dynasty when the precise facts, Wang Bao, "about children" have "to buy tea Wu-Yang", "cooking with tea to make" language, of course, to cook food. In addition, according to "peaceful Yu Lan" vol 867 primer, a book on the word book "Guang Ya" in such a record: "Jing tea for inter-Palestinian cake, into a paste out of rice. If Sunburn first drink the red, ramming home at the end of the porcelain in order to review the pouring soup with vegetables of . its hangover drink, it is not sleep. "The earliest we can see into the diet of tea, as was mentioned by Lu Yu is adding onions, ginger, orange peel and other objects for cooking and drinking tea drink or soup, is just like cooking used to quench their thirst or table, eating both, not a simple drink. Tang fashion so the "tea for food, the same salt in the rice" is. Become pure tea drink is probably the mid-Tang Lu Yu in "Tea" after, as a result of Lu Yu and his "Tea Classic" to promote and guide the people of the additives in the tea gradually reduced, tea has changed only slowly into a simple drink. Can be seen that the first tea into the diet is both fresh drink or medicinal items, and when the tea used for food, culture and temples, etc. have nothing to do.
Tea in Britain is: liquid health, the soul of the drink. In our country as the "national drink." A large number of modern scientific research has shown that tea does contain closely related to human health and the biochemical composition, not only has the refreshing tea heart, Qingre, Xiaoshi Huatan to greasy weight loss, heart, Jiedu hangover,Reduce Pathogenic Fire Mingmu, pharmacological effects, such as desiccant, but also of modern diseases, such as radiation sickness, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cancer and other diseases, a certain degree of pharmacological effect. This shows that the effectiveness of tea as much as the pharmacological effect of the wide range of other beverages irreplaceable. Pharmacological effects of tea with the main ingredient is tea polyphenols, caffeine, such as lipopolysaccharide. Specific roles are: