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Time of origin of tea drinking

Tea in the Tang Dynasty had previously been called "drinking tea", and on and cooking, is used to quench their thirst or to the table. This can be the Northern Wei Yang of the title recorded in the Buddhist Temples in Luoyang to see a description. The book records that he was like "drinking tea", mainly the Southern people, northerners are more than day-to-day consumption of dairy slurry, the book also records a story: the Northern Wei Dynasty, the Southern households Qi Wang Su, an official of North Korea to Northern Wei Dynasty, said down, had just arrived when the North are not accustomed to eating meat, dairy slurry diet, they often share carp for food, drinking tea is a thirst for juice, a drink is a struggle, the Northern Wei capital Luoyang, per capita, said Wang Su to "leak Eritrea" is never satisfied with the containers loaded. A few years later, hosted the Northern Wei dynasty emperor, Wang Su feast on fresh meat, cheese paste a lot of Wang Su emperor asked: "Do you think mutton soup than to how the carp?" Wang Su replied: "Chu client a small country, fish and lamb, although unable to match, but it is beneficial to form the Portland Story. only boiled tea leaves in the juice do not drink, had no choice but to make slaves of casein slurry. "The story of a spread, so tea juice have "slave casein" alias. This record shows that drinking tea is fashion, from the noble direction with disabilities, have a good down to the civilian population, and even the necessities of everyday life, and discrimination in the North were drinking tea. Then followed by a cow drink tea, and even some people to drink two liters a hoh, which was fine with the slower discretionary goods tea a great difference.