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Can be slimming tea

Tea contains catechins, cholesteric ketene, caffeine, inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid and other components in the consolidated under the prevention and suppression of the effectiveness of obesity. In Japan, particularly fond of the tea in China. Oolong tea because of the strong decomposition of the role of fat, can help lift the greasy, help digestion, and weight loss. Saintonge in Paris, France Department of Medicine Clinical Director Anne Carlo study has confirmed more than doctors,Yunnan Pu'er tea production, which reduces the body's triglyceride and cholesterol. French women, especially young women very particular about the shape the United States, they are the tea as "slimming tea." French doctors use tea made test subjects drinking three glasses of tea per person per day, adhere to one month, resulting in some weight loss and some blood lipids decreased. French doctors also Yunnan Tuo Cha of 40 obese men and women to experiment, so that they daily morning, afternoon and evening drinking a cup of the tea Tuo, once a month later, more than 40% of people have varying degrees of weight reduction. This is the French people like to drink one of the reasons for Yunnan tea. According to the role of weight loss tea can, tea as a "slimming tea", "body-building tea" of the main raw material.