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Tea can prevent tooth decay

Tea or tea mouthwash, brush your teeth, not only in addition to bad breath, but also prevention and treatment of dental caries. It is reported that oral Hospital, Beijing Dacheng Zhou, MD, from the 70's began to study aspects of tea in the prevention of dental caries effect of tea, with tea mouthwash, brushing, or the toothpaste may contain tea, but tea Brush teeth for the best. This is because tea contains fluoride, fluoride ion and the teeth have great affinity to calcium, can become a difficult to dissolve in acid, "Apatite-Ne." As to the teeth with a protective layer to improve the dental caries of the anti-acid ability to hang. Dental caries is the use of tea one of the ways dental care. Therefore, can be used in children to promote tea mouthwash, brushing teeth and drinking tea. Low-fluoride areas, promote the general low-grade drinking tea (high tea and low tea fluoride), can prevent dental caries. 10 grams per person per day to drink the tea brewing tea, you can meet the needs of the body of fluoride. High fluoride Fujian tea have "tea", Yunnan, Zhejiang, "Hangzhou Green," Jiangxi "Jasmine Tea" and Guizhou, "Fu brick" and so on.