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Tea has the role of the prevention of cardiovascular disease

Tea on cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure. Coronary heart disease, such as the role of a certain degree of control. It was confirmed through clinical trials, within one month of Sino-Japanese people who drank three bowls of Tuocha, and their 13% drop in blood lipids, cholesterol has been reduced to 80 hypertensive patients in clinical trials, resulting in 30 patients by using green tea for five days after treatment, and some decline in blood pressure, and some returned to normal; was also on the relationship between tea and coronary heart disease were studied, divided into a cup of tea, and occasionally a cup of tea, regular tea three groups, found in tea coronary heart disease incidence of 3.1%, even a cup of tea were 2.3% prevalence rate, often 1.4 percent for tea. This tea can be seen the effect of the prevention of coronary heart disease.