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Tea is a panacea for gastro-intestinal infections

Medical St. Zhang said: "The tea a very effective governance will be blood." Modern medical research confirmed that the tea is a panacea for gastro-intestinal infections. Tea polyphenols in, can precipitate the protein coagulation. Tea polyphenols with combined single-cell bacteria to protein coagulation, will kill bacteria. Serious hazards such as cholera, typhoid bacteria, E. coli and so on, on the strong tea soup a few minutes of immersion, the majority of activities will be lost. Therefore, the commonly used traditional Chinese medicine and civil strong tea or green tea service, the treatment of bacillary dysentery, enteritis and other intestinal diseases. Is 3 grams of tea, water bowl, three times a day; or a cup of strong tea, 20 milliliters of vinegar, mixed-dose, three times a day; also be used in tea, shepherd's purse to take 15 grams, a Day three times before use. Second, the tea water, if unclean drinking water, tea can absorb the impurities in the water, and precipitation, and purification, disinfection, which will benefit the prevention of food-borne diseases