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Drug treatment with tea tea

Tea culture and Chinese medicine, the two have a very close relationship, but with the legend of the Shennong.
bubble tea as a result of a very good curative effects, so the Tang Dynasty that the "medicine tea" (see calendar years the Kingdom of Great wrote the "medicine tea") term;the Song Dynasty's "clearance for mountain home "China, there are" tea, which is also medicine, "the thesis. This shows that tea is the medicine, and medicine books (herbal medicine) contains collected. However, the modern habit of "medicine tea" is the term limited to Fangzhong preparations containing tea. As a result of the effectiveness of a lot of tea can be prevention and treatment of many subjects both inside and outside the women and children's symptoms, so, tea is not only medicine, and head is hidden devices, as the Tang Dynasty Chan stressed: "Tea for drug diseases."
Tea not only on the multidisciplinary treatment of the effectiveness of disease, and the head have a good longevity, the role of anti-aging health.