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The cause of tea

Now we can proof the tea in China was recognized very early on and use, but also very early on tea cultivation and collect and process tea leaves. However, the earliest human beings so why should we drink? How does drinking habits?
1, offerings, said: this is the view that tea with a number of other plant was first used as a sacrifice, and later found that the food was outstanding, fresh and sound, then "by the offerings, and dishes of food, and medicine" eventually become beverages.
2, the drug, said: this is that the tea "was originally entered as a medicine in human society." "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" wrote: "Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs, 72 days when drugs may be the solution of tea."
3, Food said: "The people of ancient grass-ru drinking water," "Hunger breeds", food first evolved in line with the laws of human society.
4, synchronization, said: the first ways and means of the use of tea may be as chewing of food may also be cooked as baked foods, as well as gradually as the drug is expected to drink.
This comparison of a number of ways, and the accumulation of the end of the day developed into the habit of tea drinking.
Several of the above argument is the fourth most useless, which the previous three versions together, has become its own "safe" explanation. Perhaps this interpretation is the most appropriate.