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Coffee Variety

Blue Mountains
Is more affected by the general public welcome coffee, produced in Central America, Jamaica, West Indies, has a mellow, slightly bitter in the sweet, soft characteristics of talk, but with a slightly sour, allow a more sensitive sense of taste, taste of its unique taste is the best coffee.
Rich in Indonesia's Sumatra, the local geology and climate of the special train a unique identity, with a very rich thick flavor of alcohol and more obvious with the bitter taste and carbon burning, bitter, sweet is excellent, unique charm.
Produced in the, the smaller varieties of beans and a very strong aroma, has a unique sour flavor and fragrance of citrus, more aromatic charming, and diethylene glycol with an intoxicating in the rich finish, the unique aroma and soft acid, sweet.
Brazilian coffee beans from the rich selection of the best, with a thick texture of the sour, the sweetness and bitterness of coffee with the taste, the entrance is extremely smooth, but with a hint of grass and aromatic, slightly bitter taste in fragrance, Gan slide talk, It is fun to finish.
Is from the higher quality Arabica species, while the Arabica type of coffee is one of Taiwan, more alcohol flavor strong and thick, and sour with the more obvious, to seize the properties of many love coffee fans It is also the favorite German.
Coffee with the general difference is that in the dry after washing, drying natural law, natural dry state for 6 months, and then after some formalities, and the general approach of different coffee beans, which are in dry degree of baked beans, it contains less caffeine.
Naga Xuefei
Mocha is a top, and the name is directly translated into English.
Blue Mountain is the more advanced beans.
Mandailing and Brazil combined with the unique coffee flavor, rich taste rich, but also a touch of scent, a combination of Mandailing and Brazil, both with each other softly, is not a bad combination.
Cayman Blue
Mandailing and by most of the Blue Mountains to a mixture ratio of 1:1, when the bitter Mandailing when the Blue Mountains of slightly acidic, between each other and, even more alcohol flavor.
Italian Espresso adding high concentration of hot milk and milk foam to retain the coffee aroma with a touch of sweet, fresh milk distributed charming rich flavor, smooth and smooth the entrance is a favorite of many girls.
Italian Cappuccino
Will Italian espresso fresh incense mixed meticulous bubble delicious fresh milk with chocolate powder, soft taste to fully reconcile with the enchanting aroma, coupled with elegant decoration, highlights personal taste.
Chocolate espresso coffee in Italy by adding chocolate, bubble milk, syrup, cocoa powder, strong
Smelling aroma of coffee and chocolate, and sweet with the coffee and, instead of greasy talk is suitable for mass tastes.
Irish coffee
The unique flavor accompanied by a special Espresso whiskey, sugar and fresh cream, let Espresso whiskey to enhance the flavor was more obvious, and to reconcile with a fresh cream talk, stand by the moderate taste.
Espresso in Italy, however, do not add fresh cream, milk, coffee as long as the two key add the milk valuables, so that a cup of flowers.

Vienna is an Italian-style coffee. Stir in the cream can blend coffee, but also can be used as a small snack on the other for guests drink while eating. Later, by way of pressure after the coffee, then called "mixed with espresso cream."