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Drinking taboo

1. Iron should not be with tea, milk, coffee with the suits. Milk due to high phosphorus, can affect the absorption of iron. Tannic acid in tea and coffee can reduce iron absorption by 75%. To use the warm water delivery service.
2. Tea and coffee in the tannic acid, will reduce the absorption of calcium. Therefore, tea and coffee time, preferably chosen among the two meals.
3. Caffeinated beverages and foods, has been a large number of pregnant women after drinking, there will be nausea, vomiting, headache, rapid heartbeat and other symptoms. Caffeine will also enter the fetus through the placenta and affect fetal development.
4. A lot of doctors believe that pregnant women drink a day 1 or 2 cups (6 cups per 8 ounces) of coffee, tea or carbonated beverages will not impact on the fetus. However, as a precautionary measure, pregnant women, the best to disable. Caffeine can lead to increased abortion rate, it should drink decaffeinated beverages.
5. Do not want to lose weight more than those who drink coffee. Common companion coffee contains more milk, sugar and fats, coffee itself may stimulate gastric secretion, to promote digestion and absorption of food will not be able to lean back, but fat people.
6. Children should not drink coffee. Caffeine can be excited to central nervous system of children, interfere with the child's memory, resulting in ADHD children.
7. Strong tea, coffee, drinks containing carbonate is the formation of peptic ulcer disease risk factors.
8.tight caffeine helps to raise awareness, sensitivity, memory and concentration. However, drinking more than usual than you are accustomed to coffee consumption, it will have a similar dose of the same consumption of stimulants, can cause nervous. The tendency for people with anxiety disorders, caffeine will lead to sweating palms, palpitations, ringing in the ears of those symptoms worse.
9. Aggravate high blood pressure due to caffeine's analgesic effect in itself, often with other simple analgesics synthetic compound, but a large number of long-term use, if you have high blood pressure itself, the use of a large number of caffeine will only make you worse . Just because caffeine can make blood pressure rise, when coupled with emotional stress, it will have a multiplying effect of risk, the risk of high blood pressure should be avoided particularly in the workplace when the pressure to drink beverages containing caffeine. Some years there are people who used to drink coffee, thinking that they have the effect of caffeine has been immune, however, is not true, a study showed that after a cup of coffee, blood pressure can be increased up to 12 hours.
10. Caffeine-induced osteoporosis itself has a very good diuretic effect, if a large number of long-term and a cup of coffee, cause bone loss, preservation of bone mass have an adverse effect on, for women, may increase bone the threat of osteoporosis. But the premise is that normal food was a lack of adequate calcium intake, or those who do not often move, combined with post-menopausal women, because of the lack of estrogen caused by the loss of calcium, in addition to the above a lot of caffeine only likely to pose a threat to bone. If we can in accordance with the reasonable enjoyment of the volume, you can do is not the.