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The benefits of coffee

1. Coffee contains some nutrients. Coffee contains niacin vitamin B, after baking a higher content of coffee beans. And a free fatty acid, caffeine, tannic acid and so on.
2. Coffee beneficial to the skin. Coffee can promote metabolism, digestive system active, have great effect on constipation. The use of coffee is a hot bath therapy, and the role of weight loss.
3. Coffee has the function of anti-inebriation. Drink a cup of coffee, alcohol changes will come from the rapid oxidation of acetaldehyde decomposition into water and carbon dioxide and eliminated from the body.
4. Coffee can reduce fatigue. To eliminate fatigue, must be added nutrition, rest and sleep, promote metabolism, and these features have a coffee.
5. Day three cups of coffee can prevent gallstones. For caffeinated coffee, to stimulate the gallbladder and bile content easily reduce cholesterol gallstone formation, the latest Harvard University researchers found that drinking two to three cups a day coffee men, the chance of gallstones was less than 40 %.
6. Drunk coffee to prevent radiation injuries. Radiation damage, especially electrical radiation has become a prominent kind of pollution. India, Pakistan Atomic researchers experiments in mice this conclusion, and that can be applied to human beings.
7. The health care function of coffee. Coffee Antioxidant and Guarding heart, strengthens bones and tendons,Lee, appetizers and promote food, Xiaozhi Xiaoji, Lee opening desiccant, activating blood stasis, the role of income, such as wind Zhijing.
8. The coffee's influence on mood. The experimental results show that most people absorb 300 mg a day (about 3 cups cooked) of caffeine, to a person's alertness and emotional impact will be good.