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Words commonly used on coffee

Flavor: The aroma, acidity, and an overall impression of alcohol.
Acidity : All of the coffee grown in the plateau has a strong with the bitter, sour (Sour) different pH values and has nothing to do, it means to play to boost the mind of coffee, and other functions Diqing taste of a fresh, lively character.
Coffee is not the acidity of acidic pH or acid smell, nor is it uncomfortable to enter the stomach acid. In the brewing of coffee, the acidity of the performance is very important, in good conditions and skills, to develop a special taste refreshing acidity, it is necessary conditions for senior coffee.
Sour coffee is described as a lively, bright flavors of the performance of the word somewhat similar to wine judge in the manner described. If a lack of acidity of coffee beans, it could mean the loss of vitality, tastes bland empty, there is no level of depth. There are many different acidity characteristics, such as Yemen and Kenya from the coffee beans, and its acidity has a light on the characteristics of the fruit flavor and texture similar to red wine-like.
grade: drinking coffee, the tongue leaves the taste. Changes in grade can be divided into the water to the poor light, medium, high, fat-like, or even dictation Indonesian coffee as thick as syrup.
Aroma smell: of coffee after the completion of the distributed deployment of the air with the smell out. The word used to describe the smell, including caramel flavor,flavor, chocolate flavor, fruit flavor, grass flavor, malt flavor, and so on.
Bitter: suffering is a basic taste, feel part of the district located in the base of the tongue. Baking is the depth of the bitterness created deliberately, but the bitter taste common cause is the excessive amount of coffee powder, and too little water.
Bland: growing up in lowland coffee, taste is usually very light, tasteless. Insufficient quantity of coffee powder, and the water too much coffee, the light will cause the same effect.
Briny salty : coffee brewing, if over-heating, will have a taste of salt.
soil:usually used to describe the soil and atmosphere with the Indonesian coffee, does not refer to the taste of coffee beans coated with mud.
unique: to describe the aroma of coffee with a unique and special flavor, such as flowers, fruits, spices and sweet-like qualities. Produced by the East African and Indonesian coffee,
Usually have this characteristic.
Mellow mellow : used to describe a good balance of acidity of coffee.
Mild moderate : used to describe a coffee with a harmonic, delicate flavor, in addition to Brazil, used to refer to all the high altitude coffee outside.
Soft soft : to describe such as the Indonesian low-acidity coffee coffee, also described as mellow or sweet.
Sour Sour: a sensory area, mainly in the posterior tongue taste is coffee shallow baking characteristics.
Spicy: refers to an association to a particular taste or smell of the spices.
Strong strong: on the technical terms to describe the taste of the advantages and disadvantages of various size, or refer to a specific product in conditioning, coffee and the relative proportions of water. On the popular
The use of terms to describe the depth of the strong coffee flavor baking.
Sweet sweet : essentially like fruit flavor, and taste are also relevant.
Wild Wild : to describe the taste of coffee with extreme characteristics.
Winy wine flavor: fruit-like acidity and smooth the grade, the comparison to create a special flavor out. Kenya coffee flavor is best with a model wine.
Another: baked beans can only become a reference for grinding coffee beans and is generally divided into shallow, moderate, depth and the depth of baking special.