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The type of coffee

A variety of types of coffee, which listed a few:

Espresso (single shot):

Traditional Espresso coffee, taste the flavor as well as odd great suffering, but because many people fascinated by the taste of these two fell in love with it. When to drink, I would like coffee with in the mouth, it distributed all of the aroma, and then savor.

Espresso (double shot):

Practices with a coffee, but doubling the amount of coffee beans, naturally rich flavor and more pain sensitive nerve Shen drink.


With 1 / 3 of Espresso coffee plus 1 / 3 of the evaporated milk, then 1 / 3 fresh milk labeled with the bubble machine, and finally a layer cup, you usually can make a variety .


Or a senior double Espresso, adding a large number of water diluted into a comprehensive coffee.


In a double Espresso or add hot milk, then according to their personal taste by adding different amount of syrup, is the most popular coffee, similar to the 1 +2 Nestle.


Latte is basically the same approach, but the oil with hot milk instead of fresh milk.


Espresso added to hot in the milk and chocolate powder, stirring uniform got in on a layer of coffee cream, chocolate sauce in applying it is a most pleasing appearance of the coffee.


This is the most popular summer drinks, Espresso added in fresh milk, cocoa, sugar, combined with the snow dump, you can add fruit juice according to personal taste.