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Nutritional Analysis

1. Chocolate can alleviate depression, people excited;
2. Chocolate to focus on strengthening the memory and increase the role of intelligence has some drivers to chocolate as the ability to raise spirits driving agent, the examination can also be used to Jiannao students;
3. To eat chocolate in favor of the control cholesterol levels and maintain the flexibility of capillaries, with prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, the role of the cycle;
4. The acid contained in chocolate and tea as much as the content, acid to enhance immunity, prevent cancer, interfere with tumor blood supply;
5. Antioxidant chocolate is the food, to a certain extent the effectiveness of anti-aging;
6. Chocolate is rich in carbohydrates, fat, protein and various minerals, the human body to digest its quick absorption, so it is The experts call it "assisted Hercules", a woman in labor before eating, if appropriate more chocolate, can have sufficient strength to the uterus as soon as possible, opening the mouth, the smooth delivery of maternal and child are very useful;
7. The people have heart pain to chocolate, especially after eating a chocolate heart is hot to stop consuming. This is because chocolate contains a gastric acid from the stomach can spill material.