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The general population may be food, children should not eat chocolate, chocolate with diabetes should eat less.
Under the age of three-year-old child should not eat chocolate (gifted by pui Note)
chocolate is a high-calorie foods, but low protein content, fat content, high proportion of nutrients do not meet the needs of growth and development of children.
excessive in eating chocolate will have a sense of satiety, thereby affecting the appetite, but soon after a meal feel hungry, which makes the normal patterns of life and eating habits have been disrupted, affecting the health of children.
chocolate contains fat, and non-can stimulate normal gastrointestinal motility of the cellulose, thus affecting the gastrointestinal function of digestion and absorption.
In addition, chocolate contains so excited nervous system material, children will not easily disturbed sleep and crying.
Therapeutic effect
Chocolate to ease the mood, the focus on strengthening the memory and increase the role of intelligence are, there are prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases the role of the cycle, to enhance immunity, prevent cancer, interfere with tumor blood supply, to a certain extent the effectiveness of anti-aging.
Other relevant
Chocolate is a transliteration of foreign words. Initially, the Cubans and Mexicans to collect made from wild cocoa processing is called a soft drink "from Choctaw Lane," which the Spaniards took the chocolate called soft material.