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In 1519, the famous Spanish explorer Cortez led a team of explorers into the heart of Mexico. Arduous journey, the team has a lot of hard work, reached a plateau.all team members so tired, exhausted, a to lay on the ground, do not want to move. Cortez is anxious, in front of a long way to go, the players are tired of the way, how this can be done?
Just then, a team from the Indians came down the mountain. Friendly Indians they see a listless Cortez immediately open the bags, removed from cocoa, beaten to powder, and then adding water to boil, then in boiling water Add the cocoa and pepper sap . All of a sudden a strong aroma in the air filled off.
Indian to the dark side to the water they Cortes. Cortez tasted one, "Oh, bitter and hot, hard to drink!" However, taking into account the courtesy to respect the Indians, Cortes and the players reluctantly drank or two.
Unexpectedly, after a while to work, players adventure as they seem to be bewitched, physical strength have been restored! Great surprise to the Indians of Cortes quickly find the recipe cocoa water, the Indians will tell us the truth formula and proudly said: "This is the immortal drink ah!"
1528, Cortes returned to Spain, presented to the King that made immortal by the cocoa beverage, but, taking into account the characteristics of the Spanish diet, Cortes smart instead of sap with honey and pepper .
"It's really good drinks!" King drank repeatedly applauded and, therefore, for the closure of Sir Cortez.
Since then, cocoa beverage popular throughout Spain.a businessman, because cocoa beverage business and made a fortune.
One day, when beverages in cooking epiphany: modulation of such beverages, cooking every time, it has been too much trouble! If to make it into a solid food, when eaten from a small, water will be able to eat a red, or directly into the mouth will be able to eat, and that nice ah!
Thus, repeated trial began. Ultimately, he used the concentration, drying, etc., successfully produced a solid cocoa beverages. As the cocoa drink is coming from Mexico, spoke in their native language in Mexico, it is called "the cleverest ", so his solid cocoa beverage called "special chocolate."
Special chocolate invention is the first generation of chocolate.
Spaniards are very confidential. They drink cocoa strictly confidential formula, special formula of chocolate is also tight-lipped. Until 200 years later in 1763, a successful British business talent won the formula will be introducing chocolate to the United Kingdom. British manufacturers were in accordance with their tastes, in the raw materials to increase the milk and cheese, then, "chocolate cream" was born.
Chocolate cream, is the second generation of chocolate.
At that time, although the true flavor of chocolate, but now can not be compared to the taste. This is because cocoa powder contains fat, not with water, milk, etc. into one, so the taste of chocolate is not. Until 1829, the Netherlands, scientists invented the Dayton Marriott defatted cocoa technology, able to smell chocolate reaching the perfect color.
After degreasing treatment produced chocolate,fine, excellent taste, is the third generation of chocolate, that is, we now enjoy.
That everyone will work together, pick up a piece of chocolate, the mellow savor its flavor it!