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Chocolate pharmacological knowledge

Chocolate contains more than 300 kinds of chemical substances known. Century scientists to carry out each of these substances on the analysis and experiments, and constantly in the process of discovery and proof of the various components of chocolate on the human body of its pharmacological effects vividly.
Chocolate is the natural guardian to prevent heart disease
Chocolate is rich in multi-source of phenol compounds, such compounds of fatty substances in arteries in the body from oxidation or the accumulation of a considerable role to stop.
The main symptoms of heart disease coronary heart disease is usually fatty substances as a result of LDL (low density lipoprotein) oxidation in the body and the formation of blood vessels in the cardiovascular obstruction obstructions.
Phenol compound chocolate to prevent chocolate itself is not fatty acid corruption, better food into the body in quickly to the vascular absorption of antioxidants in the blood components increased significantly, and soon an active role as a strong to prevent oxidation of LDL and inhibition of platelet activity in blood vessels of antioxidants. These sub-material on the human body to keep blood vessels plays an important role in blood flow.
Nutritionists have proved in fruits, vegetables, red wine and tea leaves in both plant-derived foods contain anti-oxidation of such natural phenol compounds.
Strawberry fruit can be included among the most antioxidants, but chocolate's antioxidant content is eight times higher than the strawberry.
50 grams (12) chocolate and 150 grams (32) first-class red wine contains antioxidants are basically the same.