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Will gain weight eating chocolate

Facts: This is the most unscientific on misunderstanding chocolate. Everyone should know that the daily consumption of calories the body's calorie intake less than that, they will gain weight day by day. 1.4 ounces each (about 40 grams) of milk chocolate provides 210 calories, the sugar from the chocolate ingredients and produce cocoa butter, accounting for only a day the body of one-tenth of the required 2000 calories per day to enjoy about 40 grams of chocolate for fear of inadequate. Moreover, modern technology has been able to produce "chocolate bodybuilding" (that is, sugar-free chocolate). Chocolate is such a body-building and weight loss in patients with diabetes who gospel, because it does not pose a risk of intake of sugar, while retaining the original taste of the chocolate.
Nutrition experts advise: the human body needs a daily intake of a certain amount of fat and sugar content in different parts of the body to maintain normal function, especially in providing energy, help the body absorb important nutrients and to maintain the normal functioning of the brain function.
Source: Belgium CALLEBAUT company - the world's largest chocolate manufacturers of raw materials