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white chocolate

Because chocolate during the manufacturing process by adding different ingredients, but also created the face of changing it. Chocolate is currently available in the market, depending on composition can be roughly divided into dark chocolate (darkchocolate or plain chocolate) - milk less than 12% carbohydrate; milk chocolate (milkchocolate) - At least 10% of cocoa pulp and at least 12% of milk quality; chocolatecompound - the chocolate does not contain cocoa butter; white chocolate (whitechocolate) - the chocolate does not contain cocoa powder. Milk chocolate with the most common, according to a survey, milk chocolate taste acceptable to most Asians, therefore, imported into the domestic type of chocolate are extramilk (means to increase milk ingredients). This chocolate, milk and cocoa taste both for like Shannon
people, but such a feeling than sweet chocolate. Dark chocolate flavor is the taste of people like the favorite, because less milk ingredients, sugar is usually low, the smell of cocoa flavor was not masked by other, after melting in the mouth, the aroma of cocoa will be overflowing in the teeth long, some people believe that eating dark chocolate is real chocolate to eat. But in itself is not a sweet cocoa, and even some hardship, it would be more unpopular. As for white chocolate, because they do not contain cocoa powder, cocoa butter and milk only, it is white, which only cocoa chocolate flavor, texture and general chocolate different, some people do not be classified as chocolate.
In addition to the different components, depending on the different additives, chocolate has become the form of a thousand kinds of qi. In accordance with the United States the USDA method, solid chocolate (Solidchocolate) does not refer to a mixture of nuts, crackers and other ingredients, such as Switzerland, Lotus, so as to flake and most massive. Mixed with other ingredients of the solid chocolate (Solidchocolatewithinclusions) refers to a mixture of fine chocolate, the nuts, soft sugar, add milk, biscuits and other components, such as Swiss chocolate triangle. In addition to solid chocolate, there are the so-called chocolate sandwich, a type of packet contents are nuts (EnrobedorMoudedProductswithCand, Fruit, orNutCenter) chocolate, such as the market in the packet counters are walnut, chocolate peanut single stars, SNICKERS, m & m, Add chocolate milk 77. Pay attention to such chocolate is chocolate with smooth, there is also a pleasure to chew at the same time because of the relationship between content, nuts and the flavor will be lost in the sweet chocolate. Another type of packet contents are biscuits (EnrobedorMouldedProductswithBakeryCenters) chocolate, such as the Jin Sha, Twix, etc., biscuits and crisp and the contrast with smooth chocolate.
So many forms of chocolate, there are different ethnic groups like the chocolate, the largest consumer market in Europe, does not contain anything in the most popular solid chocolate. However, the community in the east of chocolate mixed with nuts more popular, especially peanuts and biscuits taste, texture may be different from the pursuit, many Asians prefer to change the taste. Is about half of the United States.
High and low grade chocolate, that moment in the entrance to know. Good chocolate, in addition to sweet aromatic smell, the entrance is also the charming and meticulous. Clear that there will be biting the sound, then in between the lighter to melt articulate, smooth taste and aroma of cocoa flows in between teeth, but there will be no residue left behind.
Chocolate tasting, they can do not only, or with a bearing on the swallow, in order to let everyone have different taste, add the contents of chocolate but very skillful, and savor the other fun you will find world. marys there is a single cherry chocolate taste, which contains the entire stars Cherry, even the stems are not removed, the taste is to eat up outside cherry sauce wrapped with a layer of chocolate, fruit and chocolate flavors combined style. Will be a lot of chocolate to taste the chocolate liquor ball in all kinds of chocolate in the injection into the liquor, that, the flow of wine coupled with the slow-melting chocolate, the kind of full of aromatic and crispy nuts diametrically flu different. There are also more content chocolate products, is the diversification of the demands of taste, the first paragraph of the pieces are chewed fresh fruit, biscuits are crisp in the second paragraph, third paragraph of the chocolate sauce is sweet, the fourth the whole Hazelnut stars Shannon crisp and delicious. Swiss chocolate triangle has three texture, crisp in the first paragraph, second paragraph to allow chocolate to melt, scent overflow, while the remaining fruit and caramel so that you have the pleasure of chewing. Soft milk containing added sugar or chocolate bar, it is a combination of chocolate, nuts and soft caramel cattle.
Usually high-grade chocolate, dark chocolate is pure cocoa flavor.