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Scientific and rational consumption of chocolate in our lives will bring happiness and bring happiness.
Chocolate is conducive to heart health. Chocolate in a wide range of polyphenols found in cocoa beans, tea, beans, red wine, vegetables and fruits. Given the unique charm of the composition of chocolate is the polyphenols. Compared with other foods, cocoa polyphenol content is particularly high. Studies have shown that polyphenols have anti-inflammatory effect similar to aspirin, to a certain concentration can reduce the platelet activation and transfer of free radicals in the vessel wall deposition, which has the function of prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Chocolate enhanced immunity. Flavonoids in chocolate have a material role in regulating immunity. Through the means of regulating the immune function of drugs have some risks. Fortunately, chocolate and other delicious food is safe and can improve human immunity.
Chocolate to lower blood cholesterol levels. Naturally occurring in cocoa beans cocoa butter in chocolate can have a unique entrance that is smooth and of a sense of identity. Studies have shown that cocoa butter contains stearic acid can reduce blood cholesterol levels. In addition, the chocolate in the mono-unsaturated fatty acid oleic acid contained in anti-oxidation. Olive oil also contain the same material.
Add delicious flavor, love of faith
Chocolate is conducive to the protection of teeth. Scientists have found that cocoa beans in the tannin can reduce plaque build-up and contribute to the prevention of dental caries. Milk chocolate, rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals. These substances are good for teeth enamel. Lead to the possibility of dental caries chocolate smaller, this is because chocolate in the mouth was cleared faster, thereby reducing its exposure time and teeth.