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Chocolate makers are happy.
A large number of scientific research shows that chocolate bring a good mood because of phenylethylamine in chocolate can help people regulate emotions. Chocolate is also rich in magnesium, magnesium has the role of sedative and antidepressant. Weight of 44 grams a piece of dark chocolate, the magnesium content of about 50.6 mg.
Sweet chocolate "temptation" is the magic of magic. Maya civilization in ancient times, people will be convinced that it is God-given human cocoa beans, cocoa beans that make the aromatic spirits and stimulate the passions. Modern society have the same study reported that moderate consumption of chocolate can help people enjoy the sweet love .
People love the irresistible taste of chocolate, more chocolate taste from the experience of the perception of life. Many people in the heart of a beautiful memory, like the feeling of well-being of the delicious chocolate as memorable, lingering fishes. Some people say that chocolate is sweet, it was said that she is suffering, it was said she was happy, it was said that she is sharing. Bring the spirit of chocolate has to overcome the feelings of the value as a food.
The delicious chocolate is heaven-sent, to our emotions and health, like chocolate, we have enough grounds to believe that you taste the delicious chocolate will feel when the more reason to love chocolate.
Seven days a week, "a romantic, youth, health, strength, concern, love, joy ..." Every day we have a reason to love chocolate.
Many people walked from the side, all the way a lot of things drift away, but the rivers in time, there are always some things will not change, such as chocolate, as the articulate Liuxiang, shake hands as they love the affection, as of late When the warmth of the lights that light. My chocolate is always willing to accompany you with love, family and friends to share a happy life better every moment.