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teach you how to make chocolate

Raw materials: pieces of equipment COOKING CHOC (white choc or dark choc), think of the effect of any small molds, a sheet stirrer,
Bowl, cut film
1, first chipping Add a bowl of chocolate, easy to facilitate as the melting (as shown) can be cut grinding chocolate pieces to cut weight of individual needs, the figure only as an example only.
2, heating to melt, this step can be two ways to reach a melting effect, heating one of which is impermeable to water about 60 degrees (note that this temperature is not boiling hot water temperature, water temperature Do not and then put in place such as a bowl of chocolate bowl Diego has put together such as shown in the picture, and then open% 0
The United States there is a small town in Pennsylvania, Hershey, was known locally as "the face of the earth where the most sweet," because there is the largest U.S. manufacturer of chocolate - Hershey Foods. Chocolate is not just the town's main product, is the town's cultural and symbolic. More importantly, it is here, and link the source of the economy.
Hershey Foods Corporation Hershey town but why have such a great influence? This is the story of a hundred years. Hershey is only 10,000 more than a small town, its development with the development of Hershey Foods are inseparable. The beginning of the last century, Americans are quite far-sighted Milton Hershey Central Pennsylvania beautiful green fields offer the world's first "modern" chocolate factory. Since then, a small town on the beginning of prosperity. Hershey chocolate production in exchange for funding the construction of a park and reserve the date, which is that Hershey is the most refreshing and pleasant, one of the park. Hershey Zoo have now become the North American Wildlife Park. In addition, the construction of a Hershey's Rose Garden has now been developed into a variety of rare botanical garden.
What is even more impressive is that in the thirties of the last century the U.S. economy during the Great Depression, Hershey called the workers through the construction of community centers, sports arenas and other facilities to continue to build this town, but also to protect local employment, and to provide the residents with a lot of favorable living conditions. Hershey is such a wonderful person, he created a famous brand of chocolate, and the construction of a well-planned town of the fine. Today, the Hershey chocolate has occupied 48% of the U.S. market, while Hershey city by tourists is also a favorite chocolate city. Everything here seems to be the smell of chocolate, Hershey Foods next to the street called "cocoa Street" and "chocolate Street." In addition, here to introduce Hershey also built a museum of urban development, there is a will allow visitors to see the production of chocolate, the secret world of Hershey chocolate.
Hershey City is built on the pursuit of its unique technology, treasure the relationship between employees and businesses and focus on community building based on the traditional development, perhaps some people think it is too old-fashioned way, seem to come to Hershey were a Crossroads mouth. Pennsylvania in the not too distant from New York, built on the money and assets of M & A transactions is a common occurrence in today's economic activity, this wind blowing from the metropolis to the sweet Hershey really bring the city a bitter.